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La-Z-boy recliners are the ultimate reward after a hard days work. To come home and  relieve the stress and back ache from cheap office furniture or the pains associated with the manual exertions of a hands on occupation is bliss.

To purchase new furniture can be daunting experience. Especially when the cost of good quality recliners these days can break the bank. With this in mind it is important to consider the implications of buying.

lazy boy recliner chairs,lazy boy reclining chairs

A la-Z-boy recliner can take up a large amount of space and so the look and quality of this piece of furniture is essential, you would not want it delivered only to find it won’t fit or you don’t like the style, that would be a costly mistake. Modern recliners come with loads of different styles and features that would be great to have. So if you are having trouble deciding between a leather recliner or even a recliner sofa I have included some useful tips to help.

Quality and Durability- there are a number of things to check before splashing out the hard earned cash on a recliner. Firstly check the frame, if its made of wood it’s important to check that the wood is kiln dried and preferably a hardwood. The quality of the frame will ensure the lifespan of the recliner.

Secondly the upholstery, the stitching should be thoroughly checked for any wear, breaks or workmanship. It is not unheard of for the owners of newly purchased
furniture to complain about their recliners to collapse within weeks. Features and Mechanisms included in the design can cause difficulty in the decision making process. Some people may be happy with the basic reclining movement. But for most this is not the case, a lot want something more out of what we buy.

The array of features available on most recliners can cause confusion and be tiring to the shopper. Berkline recliners’ rock-a-glider feature allows the recliner to perform a rocking motion, some have a massaging feature. When ever possible try out the recliners feature before purchasing, if the best prices are on-line get the make and model nip down to the store and try it.

lazy boy chair,lazy boy chairs,lazyboy recliners

Whilst at the store check of the recliner’s mechanism, it should feel solid without any play in each of its positions, there should be no rust, scratches or blemishes on any part.
Fabric and Style – You obviously need to purchase a recliner that fits with your home décor or at the very least it should not clash.
Modern recliners come in an array of colors, slipcovers, fabrics and designs.

Leather is classic finish to any furniture it is durable and long lasting, but can wrinkle is not cleaned and fed properly.
Microfibre is also a good choice but can be difficult to clean without purchasing specific cleaning products for it.

So when you have finally decided on the style and features of the lazy boy recliner you would like make double sure it will fit thru a standard doorway and that you have standard doorways. Check the position of where it will be placed in the home and mark on the floor the area it will occupy.

If all is well order your recliner and I hope you have many relaxing hours enjoying its comfort and style.

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